Some writers find it difficult to balance science and emotion, but author Kelly Whitehead does this delicate dance.

Her two joys, Madison, 8, and Drew, 4, are constant reminders of life's miracles.
Author Kelly Whitehead with her daughter Madison and son Drew. Both were born after highly emotional high-risk pregnancies, and both tumultuous — yet thrilling — journeys, along with the loss of a premature son, sparked her desire to write High-Risk Pregnancy: Why Me? 

Kelly has spent the past ten years working in research and development. So unlike the rest of us who spent portions of our pregnancies nose deep in the glossary section, she already had the science stuff down.

"Although I love science, I am intrigued by pregnancy and birth more," she said. "I find it truly amazing."

Kelly's  interest guided her to become a doula and a volunteer for Sidelines and Birth Haven to help others have a better pregnancy and birth experience.

"I find it so rewarding to help women through the pregnancy and birth process," she said. "Helping those having a tough time is even better. I know what's it's like and I wish I had someone to cry, yell, whine and bitch to during all those lonely and stressful months. 
Why Me? is meant to help those going through this to have a better understanding of what to expect, how to deal, as well as to provide all that medical 'stuff' we need to know." 

Even though Kelly deals with some serious stuff, she's anything but serious. She loves dancing away the night to hip hop music, noshing on her favorite sweets and snowboarding down a mountain topped with fresh snow.

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By: Kelly Whitehead

I never knew I could love as strong as this.

I never knew that this kind of love would scare me so much.
I never knew I could love someone more than myself.
I never knew I would choose to give up my life to save yours.
I never knew that even the thought of you hurting would brings tears to my eyes
and an ache in my heart.
I never knew that I couldn’t even imagine you not being in my life.  

Now I know…

The moment after I birthed you from my body and gave you life, I knew;
I knew you were the best 'thing' that ever happened to me.
I knew I would experience a love like no other.
I knew I’d do anything in my power to keep you safe.
I knew that you are a gift from above.
I knew every tear, struggle and sadness I went through to get you here was worth it.
And though there are days when it’s not easy;
I know that you and I were meant to be together.    

For my babies Madison and Drew (Never forgotten, my son in Heaven Ashton)